Casual DIY Holiday Outfit

It’s been a few weeks since my last post! Let’s skip the excuses and get right on into this post. This is my first of two Holiday Outfit inspiration post. For this look, I sewed  V9084 top and M6173 leggings. These to garments are very easy and quick to sew! On top of that, you end up with a sophisticated casual look for the Holidays 🙂

When looking for an holiday outfit, we often want to wear something memorable. I created 2 memorable looks that can both be done in a few hours.

Vogue 9064

This pattern is designed for knits. I made View A in this red double knit I got from Fabricville last year around the Holidays. This is the same fabric I used for my first M6886 dress. It is a simple 4 pattern pieces make. The armholes and neckline are finished using bias tape. The hem is a simple fold and stitch situation.

I made several alteration to this pattern. First, I felt like a center back zipper would be unnecessary so I opted not to put one in. Then, I did a half an inch swayback adjustment. For that reason, I decided not to cut the back pattern piece on the fold. It made it easier to adjust the back. Also, I raised the back dart by 2 inches to get rid of some excess fabric I had above both darts. Overall, it is a quick make and the perfect little holiday top!

McCall 6173

This is my fifth version of those leggings. It is designed for a four-way stretch knit. I made this pair using a stretch faux-leather I got from Globetex. The fit of this pattern is a little tricky for me. Depending of the fabric, I either use the pattern as is (using the smallest size available) or I have to size-down (on fabrics that have a lot of stretch). It is a one pattern piece legging. Once again this is a very quick make. I used my serger to assemble and my babylock machine to sew the hem and waist casing. Make sure to use a ballpoint needle when working with stretch faux-leather. On me, I find that the front crotch is quite long and that the back crotch is slightly too short. Again, it probably has a lot to do with the amount of stretch available lengthwise.

The Look

The outfit was completed by wearing it with red pumps and a black statement necklace (from Delila). I kept the earring simple since the red + peplum is already a lot to look at. I would wear this for a Christmas brunch or for a party at night.

Hopefully this post inspired you to start working on your holiday outfit (s). Choose the right fabric and you’ll be shining without too much efforts!

You can also watch my vlog channel to see me twirl in this top!

Happy Holidays xxx

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  1. Ann

    Great outfit. Classy, sophisticated. You are a talented lady. I am inspired to try the leggings.

  2. Mariela Elmore

    Beautiful, simply elegant with tons of sophistication. Happy Holidays!

  3. Gillian Whitcombe

    D’awwwww! how cute are you two? I love love love your outfit! It look sassy and elegant together, but I’m sure you’ll also get lots of wear with both pieces seperately! The only drawback – my arms are cold just looking at you!!!! 😛

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