Let’s plan Fall Sewing!

Fall is my favorite season to sew away! I love layering shirts, jeans, cardigans and t-shirts! Today I’m sharing a couple of patterns that I pulled out for the season. I also shared the fabrics I would transform into these garments when possible!

Two of those projects will be featured on Fabricville’s blog very soon! I’ll make sure to let you know here when they’ll be available!

I wish you to have a beautiful day and I’ll be back very soon to share with you a wedding dress that I made for a friend last Spring! Make sure to subscribe to the mailing list or follow me on bloglovin’ if you don’t want to miss that one!


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  1. Valerie.Corke

    The Blackwood cardi won me over!

  2. Eileen

    Hi, what pattern did you use please for the yellow cardigan? I can’t make it out from the video. Thanks

  3. Carmen

    Can’t wait to see what you sew up! I made a fall dress as you know and now I can’t wait to keep sewing fall/winter wear!

  4. Cindy S.

    That’s a lot of sewing you have planned! Where do you find the time? I will be interested in watching your jean video. I have the Butterick pattern you used for your work in progress. I’ll be interested in seeing how it went together, and what kind of adjustments you needed to make.

    • Judith Dee

      It’s my plans for the whole season (I have 3 months to complete). And it’s totally ok to keep on with some of those plans in the winter. They’ll still be appropriate for the season 😉 For all my jeans I have to make the same adjustment. I remove a wedge of about 2 inches at the center back of yoke.

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