My first pair of Jeans!!! Simplicity 8222


Hello sewfriends!

You have read right! I have just completed my first pair of Jeans! I’ve been wanting to venture into jeans making in the past months. However, I was dreading the process of preparing the Ginger Jeans pdf pattern. I went ahead and bought stretch denim from a local fabric store. I even pre-washed it. However, I kept putting the pile of paper in my Sewing book/fabric library.  Needless to say that I was trilled when I receive a package for my sewsister Brittany containing Mimi G’s Simplicity 8222 jeans.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

The envelop contains a jeans and a bomber jacket pattern. The jeans comes with 3 fit options for the back piece: Slim, Average and Curvy. I do not consider myself curvy although I have a very pronounced curve in the rear area… lol.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

No need to think twice. I went ahead and watched Mimi G’s sewalong videos.  After watching Mimi G’s introduction video for her sewalong and looking at the sizing, I decided to go down a size from my usual size 12 and cut a size 10 in the average fit option. My stretch denim has a good amount of stretch.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

I did not read the instructions. I followed Mimi G’s video tutorial from start to finish. The whole process went so smooth… I was able to complete this project in 3 days (from cutting to final stitch). I thought it was going to take several small sewing sessions over the course of one to two weeks. However, the tutorial is well done and the steps are easy to follow.


As you can imagine, there was a lot of topstitching involved. It should not be a surprise that I enjoyed every little bit of the topstitching! It is one of my favorite sewing tasks! To make my experience easier, I set up one sewing machine for the regular stitching. A second one exclusively for the topstitching. I also had a serger station. For my first pair I opted for yellow Jeans thread.  One thing I learn about topstitching is that it is totally unnecessary to use topstitiching thread in your bobbin.  I read that on a blog after completing my first pair… Oh well, now i know… lol

I had my first bartacks experience which was a little challenging to figure out. This is due to the fact that no two sewing machines are the same (from model to model). I had to figure out what the best setting was on my machine.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

A week later, I went ahead and bought more denim. I opted for stretch denim from my local Fabricville.  So for my second pair (pictured above), I opted for orange Jeans thread. So when it was time to set up my machines, I made sure not to waste topstitching thread by putting regular thread in my lower bobbin. Getting the right tension was a little tricky this time around. Or it may have been that I switched my machines setup. Seems like my Euro-pro does a better top-stitching job than my Singer 7467s.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans


On both versions, I had to remove a wedge of 2 inches from the yoke. In fact, I redrafted the wedge pattern piece while completing my first version. This is the only modification I did to this pattern. The size, length and crotch were all spot on! This is why I went ahead and made two pairs.

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

My first pair stayed fitted after wearing it a couple of times in the week. However, my second pair became baggy at the end of the day. So I washed it again before taking those pictures. Then, it went back to the original size. So you can be sure I will not purchase this denim again for skinny jeans.

Also, I plan to do 2 additional pairs by the end of this year. I bought more of the denim I used for my first pair and plan to use blue topstiching thread (no contrast). For the other pair, I bought Black stretch twill. I hope I will not get the bagging issue which is more complicated to fix once you’ve done all the topstitching… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Simplicity 8222 Jeans

I wish I can find a better technique for the fly-front for my next 2 pairs since the zipper tends to peek out. Otherwise, this pattern is an EXCELLENT wardrobe builder! I highly recommend it! I love that it has a high waist!!!! Before I leave, I just want to shoutout a couple of tools who made these 2 realizations a success: Mr. Walking Foot, Mrs. Denim 100/16 needle and Mr. Seam Jack. Thank you for your collaboration! Until next time!

Talk to you soon bloggies!

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  1. Robin

    You did a great job on these jeans! I just found your site and would like to know about the wedge you removed in the back yoke. I think I’m having the same issue with mine. Did you do it like a sway back adjustment (remove bulk from center and blend to nothing at side seams) or did you just subtract an inch from each piece of the center back. Thanks for any insight!

  2. Michelle

    Isn’t it awesome and liberating to make your own jeans? That’s my thing now……..I just have to make myself a pair! Nice job!!

  3. Queenesther Jones

    Absolutely beautiful job!

  4. Genevieve

    Terrific jeans!! I love making jeans too. I second the zipper method shown by Heather of CCF, I always use this method for all fly front zippers. You only need a standard width of the fly extension…not sure what your pattern has, but if it is a totally separate piece, just taped the seam lines together (fly extension to pant). This method produces the best RTW results EVERY time.

  5. Myra

    Great fit! You make me want to get this pattern!

    • judithdee

      Thank you!!! I believe it is an awesome pattern! I’m not sure I want to try any other pattern for skinny jeans… lol!

  6. Maureen Robinson

    I made one myself but haven’t taken pics yet. Yours looks lively!

  7. Carolyn

    Your jeans are nice. I have info for the perfect fly front installation. Go to Heather has a sewalong for her Ginger jeans. I have made several pairs of the Ginger jeans and I am just amazed at her instructions. She covers every step so thoroughly that it’s amazing. She now sells it in a paper pattern. I did not use the sewalong but the instructions included with the pattern cover everything. No I do not work for her. I am just a very satisfied consumer. I hope this helps.

    • judithdee

      Thank you. I do own the ginger jeans pattern and instructions. There is nothing wrong with Mimig instructions. I just find that this method does not give full coverage of the zip. I read the ginger sewalong and i think that the flyfront piece is too small to cover zip fully. I may have to modify it next time in order to get better coverage! I actually taped the ginger pattern and may give it a try eventually.

  8. Sue

    Excellent work, your work makes a statement, you care. Be bless so even the more.

  9. Carmen

    Great job! Your jeans definetely turned out better than mine. They’re back in my “to-do” pile because I need to fix the fly front. I can’t figure out how to get it to stay in place so my zipper isn’t exposed. If you make another pair, I’d be so grateful if you make a video tutorial of how you sew the fly front. Thanks!

    • judithdee

      Thank you Carmen! Ok will consider your request my dear and film my next fly-front install! However, I do think that the fly front piece on Mimig’s pattern may need to be modified for better overage of that zip. Will test and let you know my dear!

  10. pam

    Nice jeans. I bought the “Easy Zippers” dvd ( and have had success ever since. I highly recommend this dvd

  11. Carol

    You did an amazing job on those jeans! Great review too. I’ve been wanting to try that pattern.

  12. robbie

    Great Job on both pair. They fit well and they look like ready to wear.

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