New Shirtdress and #MMMay

Hi sewfriends!

The school year is coming to an end and as a school therapist, I cannot wait to be in vacation for the summer! I am currently working on my summer wardrobe but things are not going as fast as I wished!

I managed to squeeze in this new shirtdress just in time for the #SEWTOGETHERFORSUMMER tag going on on Instagram at the moment. Check out @sewsarahsmith’s blog for more info!

I was gifted this fabric and decided to make a third version of M6891 in this light weight denim with beautiful feathers printed all over. These colors are perfect for Spring and Summer! This dress is my official Favorite Shirtdress of all time!


M6891 is what I can now call a Tried and true Shirtdress pattern. I love everything about it! The notched Collar, the circle skirt, the pockets, the fit, the length…! At this point, it is definitively a no-brainer for me. Any printed light to medium weight woven fabric could end up becoming a M6891 lol! I love it so much! After making my last version of this dress, I did not expect to re-visit the pattern so quickly. However, this fabric was a perfect match for the shirtdress sew-along and for this pattern… Oh well…! See version 1 and version 2.

This pattern claims to be a 3 hours shirtdress pattern (sewing time only).  I love to take my time finishing the inside of my garments now, so it takes me about 4 hours to complete at the moment. This shirtdress is a quicker make than other since it does not have a yoke, a collar + under collar to assemble. I find that it gives it a nice vintage shirtdress look.

Let me know if you entered the #sewtogetherforsummer sew-along! I’d love to see your Shirtdress! Up next, I have the Alder Shirtdress coming up. If I can make it before June 21st, I’ll submit a second dress in the sew-along. I am recording the process so expect a Alder Shirtdress sew-along on the Blog and my Youtube channel in the next weeks!

Me Made May 17 Update

So … Wearing Me-Made everyday is no longer a challenge for me. I wear at least one me-made item everyday. However, as anticipated, I had no energy to take and upload daily pictures of myself throughout May. So I never came back for my weekly round-up. Also, I totally fell to sew under-garments this month. The month of May flew pass me real quick…  I’ll be in vacation for one and a half month starting July 1st. I’m am postponing this goal until then… One thing I realized from this year me-made May experience is that I do not have enough tops in my wardrobe… Not really a surprise since I end up with the same conclusion every year… Tops seems to be an eternal problem in my wardrobe…

Do you have any TNT tops patterns to recommend? I’d love to hear you in the comment section! Talk to you soon!


Special Shoutout to Bae for those amazing pictures! xxx

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  1. Manndou

    I love that dress and the mannequin! You did a great job and I’m impressed! I hope to see another one soon!

  2. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    OH…this is so pretty Judith! I love the fabric and your fit is phenomenal!

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  4. Margo Bergman

    Beautiful dress Judith! Your fit it perfect!

  5. Sue D.

    Beautiful dress!! I love everything about the outfit.

  6. Cindy S.

    So pretty! The fit looks perfect. I love shirtdresses, but haven’t made one yet. I have a couple of patterns already. I just need to devote the time.

    • judithdee

      Thank you Cindy! You should definitively give shirtdresses a try! They are very easy to wear! Happy sewing!

  7. The Sewing CPA

    This is so beautiful, Judith. It looks so professionally made. The fabric is gorgeous. Which part of Canada do you live in? I’ll be visiting in August, it would be great to meet you.

  8. Elizabeth Farr

    It’s beautiful Judith! What a great mix of a vintage look with a modern print. I love feather prints, and this is a great one!

  9. Catherine

    Beautiful dress. Beautifully made. Nice job. We are in the middle of winter here in NZ so am longing for the warmer weather to see some cotton dresses again!

  10. Betsy

    Hi Judith! I am a retired SLP- school based for over 35 years. I just wished to say that this dress is absolutely breathtaking, very classical and polished! I love it and in the fabric you made it with. It would be lovely in many fabrics. Now, you had mentioned you were gifted with this gorgeous fabric while up in Canada from another post? Is there any way possible it is still being manufactured and who manufactured it or designed it? I would love to make a top with this fabric…..searched online in many shops and no luck. Keep sewing and sharing your marvelous fashions, Judith! Sincerely, Betsy

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