Suki Kimono by Helen’s Closet

Hello sewfriends!

I had the opportunity to test Helen’s Closet new pattern : The Suki Kimono. As I’m writing this post, I’m comfortably sitting at my sewing room’s desk wearing it! Let’s just say that I’ve been wearing it everyday since I’ve completed it!

If you are like me, you don’t really mind getting dress when you have no where to go. When Helen contacted me to be one of the testers, I immediately accepted. I don’t have any “to wear around the house” type of pattern in my stash. This was the perfect occasion for me to find a staple pattern that would fill that purpose and more!

My Love for pdf patterns…

So if you know me, I’m not a huge fan of pdf pattern because of the taping process. Well, fast-forward 1+ year after my pdf pattern, I can finally say that I’m over the taping process and can now enjoy making pdf patterns. I am glad that we can remove unnecessary sized and print only the needed layer. However, I was so excited to dive into this project that I forgot to only select the “Small” layer. Doing that will eliminate the need to highlight your size and notches for every pieces prior to cutting. Sizing ranges from XS to XXL (US).

Fabric selection

Helen recommends selecting a lightweight fabric with drape. My fabric is a poly-satin fabric that has been collecting dust over the past 3-4 years.  I had no idea what to make with it but a light bulb went on in my head when I saw this pattern! I new that going with this slippery fabric could give me a headache during construction but I can now say that it wasn’t that bad!

Kimono Design and Construction

This kimono came together fairly quickly. There is a note at the beginning of pattern instruction on how to customize your kimono. For this version, I opted to do it using the integral design. I love that it has pockets, inner ties, and elbow sleeve length. Perfect to work around the house, prepare breakfast without having to roll up sleeves and this helps everything stay in place when moving around.

The steps for assembly are logical. I chose to serge my seams in that version but will probably finish the inside of my next one using bias binding (handmade or satin). The only difficulty encountered was sewing the neck band corner. My fabric kept slipping (which was to be expected…).

Final thoughts

I find the sizing to be perfect. The band were just the right length for my size. I wanted this version to be knee length and it came out perfect. The kimono stays in place and I don’t need to be worried about flashing (the next door neighbour) if I’m only wearing underwear under it (which I tend to do on hot days – hihihi).

I definitively recommend this pattern! It is trendy, easy to make and highly functional! What else can I ask for?

I want to thank Helen once again for selecting me as a tester! I really loved my experience!

Do you love kimonos? Let me know if you plan on giving this on a try!

Talk to you soon!

(Shout-out to Bae for taking those amazing pictures! I’m not easy to work with hihi! – Mouah!)

JUDITH_DEES_WORLD_300x120 px_black


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  1. Myra

    Oh how I love this kimono! Absolutely beautiful on you! I love the colors and the fabric you selected to make this project! I agree with you, your BAE did an awesome job in taking photos of you in this lovely kimono! You two are absolutely adorable (and a little sexy too, LOL!)

  2. The Sewing CPA

    Wow, this is gorgeous! The fabric worked so perfectly for this pattern. I love kimonos and I’d love to make one someday.
    What an adorable pic of you and your Bae!!

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  4. Helen

    Your Suki turned out gorgeous, Judith! I always love to hear that a piece of fabric that had not yet found its purpose finally got to become something! Yepp, I think fabric has feelings…is that weird? Thank you so much for testing for me and for sharing your Suki. <3

    • Judith Dee

      Awesome pattern Helen (but you already know)! Thank you for the opportunity and I do agree, fabric definitively has feelings! Take care!

  5. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Your kimono turned out fabulous! Kudos to you for being able to work with slippery fabric. The inset band looks especially well done!

    • Judith Dee

      Thank you very much Sue! It was indeed a challenging fabric! I love your version and how cute it is to wear outdoor! I need to make more of these!

  6. Faye Lewis

    This is a very glamorous kimono Judith! I have several already, but now you have me wanting another.

    • Judith Dee

      Hahaha! I only have one other short kimono to wear to work. This one is a revelation to me! No need to dress up in the morning (or throughout the day hihi!)

  7. Elizabeth

    Very pretty Judith! The inner ties sound like a smart solution. I really hate that about kimonos, how they’re always flopping open, and the elbow length sleeves are very practical for everyday things around the house!

  8. Tee

    That last pic is awesome!

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