The last of my Summer Makes

It’s already fall here in Quebec and I’m well into Fall Sewing. I recently shared my last Summer makes on my Youtube channel. Since a couple of these makes never made it to my blog, it is only fair for me to share them with my trusty blog followers too!

I’ve been quite busy over the summer and was unable to sew as much as I planned! I have no regrets since those moments were spent with valuable people! I’ve been more social than usual this summer. Not sure if I mentioned it before but your girl is an introvert!!! I’m much more open on social media than I am in real life! I’m usually one to stay in and sew rather than going out and party! I find that this relationship I’m in at the moment really challenged this trait of mine and pushed me to be less and less into my shell.

As I went back to work full time for this school year (I worked 4 days a week the last school year) I think that I’ll have less time to sew. Since, I’m still on a sew your own wardrobe challenge and have no plan to quit, I need to be very efficient with the little time I do have to sew. I need to come up with a modified technique to plan my sewing. I’ll think about that and will come back very soon with a updated sewing planning for the rest of 2017.

I hope all is well with you all sewfriends and I will connect with you very soon!  Let me know in the comment if you are diving into fall sewing. What are you working on?

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  1. Manndou

    Thank you so much Sweetie! I’m part of your trusty blog followers! I love everything about you!

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