Official end of the Product Junkie Era! 8 years Natural hair Update

No longer a Product Junkie?

I never thought I would see this day. The day where I would absolutely NEED to go shop for natural hair products! Yet, this day has come!

Down below I am wearing my hair in a 8 days old wash and go puff and need to wash my hair. I was thinking of washing my hair last night. However, I was standing in front of to what use to be my hair product library and I could not find a sulfate-free shampoo, a deep conditioner and a bottle of leave in conditioner. All I found was a styling butter and a couple of gel jars.

I totally fell off the product junkie lifestyle. This has never happened to me in my last 8 years being natural (my natural hair anniversary way in May). I am at this point where I don’t actively think about my hair anymore. Caring for my natural hair has become a habit. I know exactly what to do in order to see my hair thrive and behave nicely.

You know that I am a big fan of the Up North Natural haire care line. I am currently out of it but will make sure to order products over the summer.

So it was time for me to go to my local beauty supply store. Here is what I grabbed:


Deep Conditioners

Leave in and Styler

The Jamaican Black castor Oil line from Shea Moisture has become a staple in the last 2 years. I always have this line available for my hair at any given time. If my hair starts to feel weird, I know I can always count on this line to put my hair back on track!

Since I was out of everything, I decided to give 3 new products a try since they were on sale at my beauty supply store. I’ll be experimenting with the Alikay Naturals Caribbean Coconut Milk shampoo, the strengthening milk hair mask by Creme of Nature and the Coconut Curling Cream by Cantu. I am taking a big chance with that last product since my hair is not a fan of coconut. However, I’ve seen some great reviews on this products by other Low-porosity naturals.

If you want a review for any of those products, let me know in the comments!

So after a good wash and deep conditioning using Shea moisture (SM) products, I applied the SM Leave-in -> Coconut curling cream -> Argan oil Eco-styler gel to get this wash n go using the rake and smooth method. Here you can see the curl definition on my hair which is still very damp.

Hair Update

I’ve been wearing my hair in a twist out most of Fall and Winter. Toward the end of winter, I stretched my hair using magnetic roller sets to speed up the drying process and switch up my hair styles. Now that warmer temperatures are back, I plan to wear wash and gos throughout the summer and do occasional twist outs for a change. I may also do wet buns on occasion. I am back at the point where my hair is long (Bra strap length) and I do not feel like styling it. All I want to do is to cut it in a tapered fro once again! But I am resisting the urge cause I want to wear it long for a special event that will happen later.


Now that I am 8 years natural, I know that relaxers will never be an option again for me. I know how to care for short, medium or long natural hair. I’ve made the promise to myself that if I ever feel like I really do not want to style my hair again, I will have them in Sister Locs (which will be installed and maintained by a qualified loctician).

So here it is, my little hair update!

Let me  know below where you are in your natural hair journey!

If you have any specific question regarding my hair, please ask in the comments!

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  1. Ginger

    I have been natural for over 20 years and by natural I mean I’ve had a very low fade on the sides haircut and sometimes close to bald. In October of 2016 I made the decision to let my hair grow so begins the process, just let me say that after not having hair for so long it was a real challenge to have hair. I started looking at all the info online and compiling info in hopes that it would make the road a little less bumpy and most of the time it helped. As the hair started to grow and grow it did I sometimes got a little overwhelmed but I pushed forward. I learned how to twist my hair and do twist outs and how to do wash and go styles and I’m loving it. So here it is May 2017 and the hair has come a long way by the way as we all know shrinkage is real but I could no longer struggle with the thickness and the coarseness of the hair. I started to become very frustrated and growing weary of doing my hair even once a week and missing the days of not having to do anything when I was sporting a haircut. Well long story short I found that I could not hold to my October 2017 date of keeping the hair and here it is June 2017 and I made the decision to go back to my short fade haircut and lets just say that while I admire all those natural sisters out there and your hair is just absolutely beautiful I am glad to be back to my natural state such as it is by the way my husband loves when my hair is cut he was okay with the other but prefers the haircut and so do I.

  2. Myra

    Judith, your hair is absolutely beautiful! I love being natural and seeing other women who are natural as well! Yes I agree it is a lot of work, but so worth it! I almost lost my hair with years of relaxers and prayed if I got it back I would never get another one! Knowing your hair (which I had a huge learning curve!) Is the best thing you could do for yourself! I now know what my hair does not like and so far it’s only two ingredients… Coconut oil and Glycerin. The problem for me is that majority of natural hair products have either one or both of these ingredients. So finding good products that are coconut and glycerin free our little challenging. Anything with coconut oil in it makes my hair very hard and crunchy. Glycerin on the other hand makes my hair frizzy (because I live in Florida and the weather is typically humid). Even with these issues, I still love my natural hair! I only wish I had been wearing it for the majority of my life!

    • judithdee

      Hi Myra! Thanks for sharing your natural hair testimony! Like you coconut oil will usually live my hair hard and crunchy! But seems like when it is in lesser quantity in a product, my hair does not react! I love the way my hair feels when I’m in warmer humid climates! So soft and light! I pray that one day I leave Canada for a tropical climate 🙂 My hair (as well as myself) love it! Florida is on our Radar! We have family down there!

  3. The Sewing CPA

    8 years of natural hair is truly amazing. I still haven’t tried to go natural, but I’d love to someday. It takes a lot of work but I think it’s worth it.

  4. Yo

    *to work 😅

  5. Yo

    ´I would love to hear about cantu ! And of course … Shea moisture for ever ! 😊 ! I have been trying indian powder and rhassoul lately ! Seems to
    Works for me

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